Head Lock




Eject vents heavily when he sees Rewind, but does not otherwise move. His limbs feel very, very far away, but it doesn’t upset him, because he knows its the sedative. He can’t even find it in himself to be irritated that his legs seem to be occupying another dimension at the moment.

He reaches out the only way he can to Rewind, with his spark. Everything’s okay now, because he is here. Eject makes an attempt to mumble his name, but a low-pitched digital warble is all the comes out, followed by a frustrated huff. Rewind would probably know the sound well from the days before Eject learned how to speak.

“Go to the other side of the berth and climb up,” Ratchet told Rewind when he saw Rewind’s actions. “You’ll be out of the way.” Then he looked at Blaster again. “How could his surveillance suite and his vocalizer get damaged? There’s not been any major contact with other universes that I’m aware of, and we know our systems are clean.”

“…’Rewind’… Eject’s trying to talk but without his vocalization software he can’t form words…” Blaster murmured in a pained tone as he watched his sons react to being together. “I need to scour surveillance and find anything and everything that might point to what happened. I’ll take up Eject’s duties for him.”

He looked to Ratchet, a haunted sense of grief and pain in his optics before he sighed heavily. This meant that Eject was vulnerable on his watch. Blaster was supposed to watch out for Rewind and Eject but he dropped the ball.

“I don’t know how it happened, Ratchet…”

Rewind followed Ratchet’s orders, but not before sending a small comforting pulse to Eject through their bond- making sure his brother know he wasn’t leaving.

He clambered up on the bed and curled up next to Eject, taking the other’s hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze and when Eject called out to him in a familiar electrical trill, Rewind responded with his own soft coded beeps and high pitch chirrups- it was a coded language Rewind had developed, something he had come up with when he and Eject were young and dealing with Eject’s speech impediment, and though it was nowhere as complicated as Eject native electrical language- it was a way to keep his brother from feeling excluded, a way to comfort his brother.

|You’re gonna be fine. We’re here with you now. |

He looked over to Blaster, feeling the other’s grief and worry through their bond.

“He’s going to be fine.” He assured his creator, switching his vocalizer back to its normal settings, “Everything’ll be fine. We just- we just have to stay positive, yeah?”

He gave his twin’s hand a small squeeze and sat up, motioning for Blaster to sit down next to them.

Head Lock



Ratchet exvented quietly in relief as Eject relaxed. Then he looked at Blaster in concern. “Are you okay? And Rewind?”

“I’ll be fine.” Blaster said quietly, wincing every now and then as his sensors clamped down on the pain receptors and took it down to lower levels. Of course, this didn’t include the processor-ache he got from delving into Eject’s processor. He would need some high grade for sure after this mess. “Rewind’s on his way.”

 As if on cue, the automatic doors of the med Bay slide open as Rewind rushes in- his EM field buzzing with nervous energy.

“Eject-“ He began, but the words died in his throat when he spotted his twin lying on the medical berth. He stood there for a moment, his vocalizers clicking on and off before his processor finally picked one of the questions that were flooded his processor, “What happened?”

He slowly made his way to the berth, his hands hovering just above the bedding, frightened that the simplest movement might cause his brother more pain.


triviabot replied to your post: “Blaster, something’s wrong! I can’t get in touch with Eject- not through the bond or the communication line!” The cassette’s voice was panic-stricken,” There was this burst of pain and then everything just cut out- what’s going on? What happened?”

Rewind started a string of rapid-fire questions at his creator, clearly distraught, “Is he alright? Is there anything I can do? He’s not hurt is he? I should do something- what should I do?”

He’s hurting, you need to come down to the medbay and be with us.

"I’m on my way!"

And with that Rewind cuts the Comm line and rushes toward the med bay.

Welcome to the Big Leagues: Big Surprises, Little Packages ▷



Eject frowns. He’s sitting in Lounge 13, in the dark, as usual, but at Blaster’s invitation, the cassette hops down off one of the padded chairs he’d been lounging in and trots out into the hallway. Lounge 13 is quite a ways from the populated…

It wasn’t long before Rewind came into view, cradling a small object against his chest. He quickly makes his way to his brother, parting his hands slightly, revealing a tiny Tarantulas.

“He just de-aged right in front of me.” He closed his hands back around Tarantulas, protectively, “Do you think this is another-“

He paused, just now noticing Blaster, “Oh, geez, you were right.”

He knelt down, getting a better look at his guardian, “What happen?”