Rewind’s Room




At the scheduled time, Ultra Magnus knocked on the door to Rewind’s personal quarters.

“Just a second!” Rewind calls out, trying his best to keep the panic from his voice as he scrambles to collect any material that would be potential targets for confiscation, “I’m adjusting my…camera!”

His chronometer must be off because he was sure he had a few more minutes till inspection.

Good ol’ Magnus, always punctual…

He quickly plucked both data disc and pads from his shelf and into a waiting box, along with a collection of seeds and flowers he had collected during their shore leave, and once he was certain that he collected all incriminating material- he crawled under his desk, pushing it into an open air vent and bolting the grate once the box was pushed a comfortable distance away.

“Alright, I’m coming!” He calls, trotting towards the door- tearing down a picture of Prowl he had been using as an impromptu dartboard on his way.

He keys the door open and sidesteps to allow Ultra Magnus to step inside, “Uh, come in, sir.”

Room 208 was your standard habitation suite, but it was obvious that the couple had made it their own- though it was obvious that a majority of the clutter that littered the shelves and tables belonged to Rewind.

 “So, uh, welcome to Chromedome and my room.”

Magnus strode in, all professional, no cordiality, looking around with an upturned nose. He instantly noticed the large amount of clutter, trash, and disorganization. His eyes were drawn to what appeared to be a picture of Prowl filled with holes in the waste bin, and suspect items sticking out of odd places, as if hastily shoved away. Dust was conspicuously absent from a few places, as if something nearby was recently accessed. His eyes finally fell upon Rewind himself, who was earnestly (nervously) watching him.

"Rewind, this isn’t going to do at all. I’d expect two mechs to have a far easier time maintaining a room with their combined efforts. What is half of this?” he asked, motioning to the…items (to put it kindly) scattered across the desk. “You two can’t be happy in all this,” he stated, not for a moment considering that other mechs might be perfectly fine outside a completelysterile environment.

Rewind did his best to act inconspicuous throughout the expection, but the longer Ultra Magnus took to look around the room, the more inclined Rewind was to hover behind the larger mech’s calves- an excuse on the tip of his glossa, ready to be used if necessary; however, he was caught off guard when the larger mech brought up Chromedome.

“Yes, well, it’s kind of hard for two mechs to maintain a room when one of them has been abducted by some spatial-temporal anomaly.”  He muttered, miserably- his partner’s disappearance still, understandably, a sore topic for the archivist…

When Ultra Magnus motioned toward the desk, Rewind climbed up on his chair, hunching over the control panel- doing his best to shield his terminal from the larger bot’s scrutiny.

“That’s my workstation.” Rewind huffed, not bothering to hide the exasperation in voice, “Eject’s been transmitting me data on the tears and I’m categorizing the information and double checking for familiar signals.”



Only casually listening in on what is going on on the various public channels while sipping on a cube of energon, Misfire almost chokes when he picks up the talk about obtaining Autobot twins.

"Nope, sorry" he quickly barges in, "Stealing twins is a bad idea, can’t be done. Sorry. Let’s not even think about that, haha, okay?" He still remembers the disaster he got himself into the last time he thought it was no big deal to just go and talk about his great plans to kidnap Rewind and his brother. And he’d rather not have that happen again.

Aimless is slightly puzzled by Misfire’s reaction, but not enough, it seems, to question him on it. The little mech might have at one point cantankerously interrogated Misfire over the subject, but he still seems quite subdued.

He switches to Master. "I wouldn’t want to do that to any Autobots, anyway." After all, it hadn’t worked out so well for him.

“Excuse me, sorry, don’t mean to intrude into the conversation-“ Rewind’s voice suddenly perks up through the line- unfortunately for Misfire, it seems Eject’s not the only bot scooping out the network today,”-but that language, it sounds cybertronian, but nothing like I’ve ever heard before.”


“Oh, I have to see this!” Rewind beams, his excitement flooding through the bond, “Just stay there, stay right where you are. I’ll be there in klik. Just gotta grab my crutches.”

There was a brief moment of silence, interrupted only by ominous sound of something crashing to the floor echoing through the link, followed by the quick reassurance that everything was okay.

And before Eject could get a word in edgewise, the comm-link was cut.

After about twenty minutes, Rewind reestablishes the link…

“Okay,” He huffed, “I think- I think I might need you to meet me halfway.  I might have-I might have overestimated my recovery just a little bit…” He lets out a small laugh between labored vents, “…whoops.”

triviabot has located you.


A signal came across Jetfire’s HUD and he was quick to acknowledge it. Turning, he held a servo in greeting but paused, not seeing anyone. Then he glanced down, “Oh. Oh! I’m sorry.” The shuttle looked frazzled for a moment, “You’re so small… Oh do forgive me. That’s not very nice to say is it?” Correcting himself, he gave the other mech a wave, “Hello. I am Jetfire. Who may you be?”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Rewind laughed, unfazed by Jetfire’s little blunder, “I’m sure a lot of bots are small compared to you. Name’s Rewind- I was an Archivist onboard Kimia and, well, now I’m an Archivist onboard the Lost Light.”

"Nice to meet ‘cha, Jetfire.”  Rewind’s visor glows brightly as he offers the larger bot a wave over the video feed, “How’s this time/space universal roulette game treatin’ you?”

“Well, yeah, that where my data storage is located, but- I mean- my chest is not that big…”


the last of the quick watercolors from like 2 days ago. will likely come back to it and do an environment at some point.


Tsk, I vas attacked first. It vas simply an coincidence zat ze tear opened right above some crazy experiments your friend did!! And zen it exploded and everybot zought it vas me! But vy vould Autobots listen to a Decepticon, mh?

*Blitzwing rolled his optic*

Anyvay… so you did die. And came back. Truly fascinating. Any sideeffects?

*He crossed his arms when asked about his escape and frowned*

Honestly? I cannot remember. Ze first zing I know is, zat I vas on a street, picking up a human girl. *He chuckled* Zat sounds like a bad dream, right?

 “I think it might be the name- you know, Decepticon, Deceptive? No really a title that incites trust, ya know? Anyway—“ Rewind mirrored Blitzwing’s crossed arms, “I’ll just have to wait for Chromedome to return to get the full story.”

The minibot shifted when Blitzwing inquired more about his death, clearly uncomfortable by the change in topic; however, he tried to cover up his discomfort from the other with a thin veil of indifference.

“Well, other than being temporarily dead- I can sort of remember things from this universe and the one I came from-but that’s about it…“

Thankfully the subject was changed again, though, he wasn’t so sure it was for the better, “What?! Oh, Primus, please tell you didn’t hurt her…”


just some quick stuff.


triviabot started following you

Fantastic! An Autobot, wait.. He looks at his HUD. “I’m glad to see an Autobot around but.. you don’t look familiar and cannot help me in my predicament.”

“Well, if you don’t know me how are you so sure that I won’t be able to assist you? You could be speaking to the divine avatar of Primus or maybe a Phase-sixer or maybe a phase-sevener.”

There was a small pause.

“I mean, you’re not,” Rewind admits with a small shrug, “but you could have been. Name’s Rewind,  Autobot Archivist aboard the Lost Light. How can I help yah?”